End of Our 2006 Dahlia Season

Dahlia Displays by Carroll McAllister


A big flood of dahlias just before first frost.
Just what do you do?


Its fun time!
No rules, no theme, no deadline
– just play and share.


Not having done arrangements for several years, my husband
wanted to capture all the dahlia ‘displays’ I made for sharing
as we wound down the 2006 dahlia season.


So, we are sharing images of 18 of the 22 dahlia displays
I made and we delivered between the 6th and 9th of October 2006.

Carroll McAllister
Colorado Dahlia Society



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No. 1823
Dr. James Britton
Carroll’s Orthopedic Surgeon



No. 1805
Patty - RN
Frontier Internal Medicine


Main Entrance

Longmont United Hospital




No. 1947

Kathy Schowalter

Reflections Hair Shop


No. 1780
Frontier  Internal Medicine
Waiting Room




No. 1948
Kate & Adolph Medina


No. 1791
Dr. Peter Holt
Frontier Internal Medicine



No. 1710

Walgreens Pharmacy


No. 1813

Main Entrance
Longmont Senior Center



No. 1738

Lower Lobby
Longmont Life Care Center



No. 1797
Sally - Receptionist
Frontier Internal Medicine



No. 1750

Main Entrance
Longmont Senior Center


No. 1819
Granddaughter Bailey’s Classroom

Mead Elementary School



No. 1940

Dr. Jennifer Scheides

Carroll’s Dentist


No. 1952

Velma Harris

88 Year Old Neighbor



No. 1734
Rosalyn Schulter
Longmont  Life Care Center


No. 1818

Deannie Anderson
Deannie’s Day Care For Kids



No. 1755

Betty Stewart

The Bridge Assisted Living Center



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