Topping Dahlias Page 3


  • 2. Count the leaf pairs to be kept from the top down. The top is emphasized because as the plant grows, the stem becomes cane like or hollow. Counting from the bottom up and then topping may leave an "open" stem (as shown on the right) which can rot the whole plant if rain or water gets in.


  • 3. Pinch out the growing center while not disturbing the tiny new sprouts on either side of it.


  • 4. Starting at the bottom, remove all leaf pairs and new growth up to the lowest leaf pair you selected to leave on the plant. This will leave only the desired number of laterals (In this example, 4).


  • Now your plant is off and running. It is topped and excess foliage removed all in one process. It may resemble a small tree, but never fear, it will fill out and become a lush plant. Also with it’s height and the stripped lower stem there are no leaves on the ground to provide a convenient walkway for spider mites.



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