Soil and Bed Preparation for Growing Dahlias

Page 19

Check List for Soil and Bed Preparation.

In the fall:

  1.  determine the type and amount of amendments, pH adjusters,
      and fertilizers to be incorporated into the soil,
  2.  spread them uniformly across the soil, and
  3.  till the soil to achieve uniform texture and mix.

In the fall or winter:

  4.  physically demarcate planting areas from walking areas using
      raised beds, carpet for walkways, or other physical boundaries, and
  5.  level the planting areas.

In late winter or early spring two to four weeks prior to planting time:

  6.  determine the type and amount, if any, of insecticide and herbicide
      to be incorporated into the soil of the various beds,
  7.  incorporate insecticide and herbicide, as determined in #6, into
      the soil to the depth recommended by the manufacturer, and
  8.  prepare infrastructure for watering system (basic equipment
      and lines as necessary.)

At planting time:

  9.  determine what additional ingredients are to be added for each
 10.  plant, and
 11.  install distribution system for water if semi-permanent of permanent.

Happy Dahlia Growing!!!

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