Planting Dahlias:
Tubers and Pot Started Plants

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I then place a stake (the kind depends on the eventual means of supporting this dahlia) near the crown of the tuber. Doing so places the stake very close to the place where the sprout from the tuber will appear. As the sprout grows into the stem of the plant it can be secured to the stake with a tie.


Then I cover the tuber with about two inches of soil, leaving four inches to be covered later. As the sprout emerges from the soil, I apply more soil until the hole is entirely filled and the ground once again leveled.

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When I set out plants that have been started in pots, the same procedure is followed until I have filled the hole until it is six inches deep. The plant is gently removed from the pot.


Using a utility knife the roots that have bound themselves to the surface formed by the soil and the pot are cut or broken to force them to put out new roots into the surrounding soil. In some cases, if this is not done, the roots will not cross that boundary and the plants growth will be retarded.


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