From The Garden of
Mr. Dick Porter


Dick has provided us with pictures of small dahlia plants. Many times they are used for borders. Next year we hope Dick can provide us with a picture or two of some of his borders.

Bonne Esperance

Mignon Single

Dark Pink Yellow Center

Height about 24", Very early to bloom, very floriferous. Makes a nice bushy, colorful border plant. Also does will on the show table.

Sources: B&D, Dans, Frey, Sea-tac, Swan Island, TLC.


Bonne Esperance

The bush




Light Blend -- Pink and Yellow

Plant - a dwarf variety - about 24 inches tall. Mine had thin, inadequate stems that usually couldn't get the length and strength needed to get an exhibition ;bloom. Leaves are normal.

This plant makes a nice, but slightly flat dome. It looks nice in the garden (you will need to tie it, deadhead and do some disbudding!), and some folks like it as a short-lived, short-stemmed cut flower. The ray florets are too messy for this to be good on the show table.

Source: Bakerview Nursey


Kansas Ruth

Mignon Single

White petals, yellow center

Plant height is about 24 inches.

Nice rounded petals on the many blooms that come on this bushy plant. Does not catch the judge's eye like Lupin Tori, but looks nice in the garden.

Source: Pioneer, B&D, Connell, Caproz

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