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The following dahlia oriented email exchange groups are hosted on Yahoo! Groups, and are open to anyone with an interest in growing, showing, breeding or just plain enjoying dahlias.  Spectator or participant, the choice is yours and each group email you receive contains instructions on how to unsubscribe. 

Just click on any of the group names below to obtain more information about that group. Or, join ‘em all, try ‘em out and unsubscribe from any group(s) you don’t like.  And, if you don’t know whether you are already a member of any of these groups, try joining anyway. Yahoo has checks that prevent duplicate memberships.

Dahlia-Alert - Is an email news service for dahlia enthusiasts. Show and sale dates, supplier information, seasonal articles on dahlia culture, and an occasional horticultural news item of interest to dahlia growers are included in the news you will receive. Dahlia-Alert is not a discussion group.  Traffic is less than 30 emails per year and very focused on providing dahlia information you can use at the time you can use it.
                                    Click here to join the dahlia-alert group.

Dahlias - Is a fairly busy, fully featured dahlia email exchange group which allows and encourages the exchange of pictures and attachments in addition to standard all text emails. Traffic is 5-10 emails per day with occasional high traffic days of 20 or more exchanges.
                                    Click here to join the dahlias group

Dahlia-Net - Is a text only email discussion group focused on the growing, showing and judging dahlias.  Attachments and pictures are blocked from this exchange group.  Traffic on this group is sporadic but tends to stay focused on one topic at a time.
                                    Click here to join the dahlia-net group

Dahliacreating Is a specialist group which concentrates on the subject of hybridizing dahlias.        Click here to join the dahliacreating group

NOTE: During signup, In Step 2. Message Delivery, you should select
Individual Email if you want to view the pictures and other attachments.

If you experience a problem attempting to join any of these Yahoo email groups, just send me an email and I’ll send you an official invitation.

I am Don McAllister at:

FYI - Garden Web has a very active dahlia forum



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