Red Hawk Dahlias 2014 Catalog



No orders shipped outside of the United States.  Sorry.



PLEASE READ this preambleIMPORTANT INFO - Something somewhere in this WILL apply to you.  Things change in the preamble – so even if it looks the same, do us both a favor and at least do a quick read-through, or as quick as is possible given me being long-winded, per usual.


This year a ton of thanks go to the following people who helped us regain our footing in the dahlia business.  Due to problems not within our control, we lost many hundreds of varieties last year and the following people allowed us to have our bigger catalog back for you to peruse.  Alphabetically then:  Pat B. from Spokane City, WA,  Kim C., a real friend from the East Coast,  Connie G. from Coos Bay, OR,     Benita J. of Sapphire Dahlias from Lolo, MT,  Jim L. of BJ’s Dahlias from Selah, WA,  Levena “Babe” M. from Albany, OR,  Mark O. from Canby, OR,  Lynnie & Lonnie S. from Bonney Lake, WA.  If I have forgotten anyone, my deepest apologies.  My bad, as the kids say.


I fill orders with the earliest postmarked date first and yes I do take into consideration where your order was sent from geographically.  Please be aware that some customers place LARGE orders that take longer to fill since each tuber is checked and I recheck orders as they are packed.  I even have other vendors who order in quantity from us, so mail in your orders as soon as you are able.  I suggest allowing substitutions.  Some of you later ordering folks will be getting your order and check back – I can’t fill orders when all that’s left is my planting stock.


I will not reserve tubers for a customer – sorry, been there, done that and wound up with tubers where an order never came through for one reason or another.  Ain’t gonna go there no more.  Short, mean and cranky and too damn old to change – that’s me.  Did I mention I was mean?  Ask the grandson I drag along fishing – just one more bend in the stream, just one, I promise.  Well, sometimes HE promises.


Thank you VERY MUCH to all our repeat customers for your past orders and welcome to all the new people who have stopped by to look at what we have to offer for the dahlia shopper.  For those who are able, allowing substitutions is always a good thing.  I substitute within the Classification as best I am able – if I have other varieties in within the classification.  For you dahlia newbies, this means that I choose a variety that the sold out variety would compete with at a show –for example, I sub an available Semi Cactus for a sold out Semi Cactus, in the appropriate size and color range.  If I am out of suitable subs I get as close as I can to the desired but sold out variety.  I am happy to use your preferred subs as best I can. Please note, with sell-outs on the Elimination List, I sub from the Elimination List, which may result in a variety not Classified the same but similar in size and color as best I am able.  If you choose not to allow substitutions, I will refund the monies for what is out of stock.  I do NOT issue credits for next year and keep your hard earned cash.


My highest gratitude to those of you who alphabetize your orders – this makes things soooo much easier for me as this is the way we have the tubers arranged in storage.  And bless those of you who do use the order blank.  PLEASE, PLEASE put your name on your order – every page, please, the address isn’t needed on the subsequent pages if you have a multi-page order, but PLEASE put your name on each page.  NOTE – PLEASE DO NOT  write the description of the dahlia after the variety name.  I sometimes use the space for subs names or other notes to you on your copy of the invoice.


Into each life some rain must fall and sometimes unfortunate circumstances and unhappy people.  Those who have ordered from me in the past know that I try my best to accommodate customers and make things right from the get-go.  However there have been some people who have been either truly rude, nasty, threatening (oh yes they did) or really, really, really whiny so I reserve the right to refuse an order from any customer.




Lots of NO’s this year – just like last year and the year before and the year before that, etc.


We are not responsible for tuber failure due to pest damage or weather conditions which no one can control, or poor gardening practices.  Report your tuber failure by July 31, and I will try to resolve the problem.  If growth does not occur due to eye failure or any reason other than pest damage, weather or gardening practices, return the tuber in question and I will replace it next year or refund the tuber purchase price – your choice.  If it is an Elimination variety, it will be replaced with something classified the same on the new Elimination List if possible.  Please be sure that the tuber did indeed come from us before returning it.  I will not replace bonus tubers.


No orders shipped outside of the United States.  Sorry.


No phone or email orders – orders are pulled only with a mailed paper order and filled on a first come first served basis.  If you decide to add to your order, please send another order blank filled out appropriately with your payment.


Orders will be filled as written – I will not change your order via either phone or email.  I did this for a few years to accommodate people and it became way too confusing and difficult for me. This is the last word on that subject.


PAYMENT OPTIONS  No credit cards – personal check, cashier’s check or money order is accepted in payment.  PLEASE - DO NOT send cash.





We are offering this product again this year - I have found it is the best I’ve ever used for dividing dahlia clumps.  These shears have a curved blade which cuts into the clumps well and the blades sharpen like a dream.  They are spring loaded so you don’t have to pry them open for each cut and if you are dividing lots of clumps they are a real time saver.  I’ve been using them for the past 8 years and couldn’t do without them.  Priced at $10.00 per pair.  Shipping for the shears alone is $7.00.  No extra shipping if ordered with your dahlia order of 6 – 10 tubers or more.


Back again this year – Beat Breast Cancer Mix – all pink and pink blend flowers.  Ten different named varieties (my choice only) for $30.00 – please add shipping for 10 tubers.  All of the Proceeds (not including shipping) go to Breast Cancer research in honor of breast cancer survivors and those we have lost.  This idea came about because of a friend who had been diagnosed with BC and wanted an all pink garden.


New this year – the Big Beat Cancer Mix – all pink and pink blend flowers in the A to AA size range.  Ten different varieties, again my choice only, for $40.00.  All proceeds (not including shipping) going again to the American Cancer Society specifically requested to go toward Breast Cancer research .


Back again this yearGrab Bag Dahlia Mixes


For the person who doesn’t care about names and just wants a nice mix of dahlias – these will mostly grow in the 3 – 4 foot tall range and be a mix of colors, types and sizes.  Some or possibly many will not have names indicated but all are Classified dahlias.  Shipping rate is for 10 tubers – not one tuber.


Cool Colors Grab Bag Mix  10 different varieties  $15.00

Pink, Purple, White and Lavender and blends of these colors

Warm Colors Grab Bag Mix  10 different varieties  $15.00

Yellow, Orange, Red and Flame and blends of these colors


Dwarf or Planter Grab Bag Mix  10 different varieties – mix of all colors.  $15.00  These will be shorter growing varieties – 10 to 24 inches tall in a mix of types.


Big Bloom Grab Bag Mix  10 different varieties  $25.00 – mix of all colors with B, A and AA size blooms (blooms from 6-8”, 8-10” and those over 10”)



Collections  - 10 named varieties in each Collection  -  our choice of varieties.  Each Collection priced at $30.00  PLEASE NOTE THAT SHIPPING SHOULD BE ADDED  FOR 10 TUBERS – NOT ONE.  YES,  SOMEONE REALLY DID COUNT IT AS ONE TUBER IN THE PAST.


Ball, Mini Ball and Pom Collection

Collarette Collection

Cutflower  Collection

Laciniate Collection

Novelty Collection

Orchid Collection

Painter’s Palette Collection – all Variegated and Bi-color varieties

Waterlily type Collection


Back again


Mix of A – AA sizes - grower’s (my) choice only (none from Elimination List)  10 for $40.00

Shipping rate is for 10 tubers.



A-AA size (Dinnerplate Dahlias)
Selected varieties priced at $5.00 per tuber
with some exceptions as noted, which are not included in the
Elimination List or the Super Sale sections


AC Ben

AA  Semi Cactus  Orange/yellow


AC Dark Horse

AA  Semi Cactus  Purple


AC Marlene

A  Semi Cactus  Variegated  Yellow/red


AC William

A  Informal Dec  Yellow



AA  Informal Dec  Yellow/pink


Aitara Bronwyn

A  Laciniate  Red/yellow



A  Semi Cactus  Dark pink


Amy K

A  Semi Cactus  Pink/white


Ayers White Knight

AA  Semi Cactus  White


Baarn Bounty

AA  Informal Dec       Bronze


Barbara B

AA  Informal Dec  Dark pink


Belle of the Ball

A  Laciniate  Purple


Ben Huston

AA  Informal Dec       Bronze



AA  Informal Dec  Yellow


Bloomquist Shine

AA  Semi Cactus  Yellow



AA  Informal Dec  Red


Bristol Petticoat

A  Informal Dec  Pink


Camano Bram

A  Formal Dec  Orange/yellow


Clara Huston

AA  Incurve Cactus  Orange


Crazy Ivan

A  Incurved Cactus  Variegated  Yellow/red


Creve Coeur

AA  Semi Cactus  Red


Curly Flame

A  Cactus  Flame


Cyma Warrior

A Informal Dec  Pink/yellow (UK 06)


Danum Meteor

AA  Semi Cactus  Red


Devon Carnival

A  Semi  Cactus  Pink/white


Doris B

A  Cactus  Pink/yellow


Ebony Witch

A  Informal Dec  Dark red


Ellen Henry

A  Incurved Cactus  White/lavender


Elma Elizabeth

A  Formal Dec  Lavender


Elsie Huston

A  Informal Dec  Pink


Emory Paul

AA  Formal Dec  Purple


Eugenia Huston

AA  Informal Dec  Flame


Frost Nip

A  Informal Dec          Bronze/red/white


Gitt’s Perfection

A  Informal Dec  Lavender/White


Goshen Giant

AA  Informal Dec  Pink/yellow


Grand Prix

AA  Informal Dec       Bi  Yellow/white


Greek Princess

A  Informal Dec  Pink/white


Hart’s Pink Ribbon

A  Formal Dec  Pink


Hart’s Tickled Pink

AA  Informal Dec  Pink


Harvey Koop

A  Informal Dec  Variegated  Yellow/dark red


Hollyhill Big Pink

AA  Informal Dec  Dark pink


Hollyhill Electra

A  Incurved Cactus  Orange


Hollyhill Samurai

A  Semi Cactus  Dark red


Hy Mom

AA  Incurved Cactus  White


Inca Trident

AA  Formal Dec  Yellow



A  Laciniate  Lavender



A  Informal Dec  Dark pink


Ivory Palaces

AA  Informal Dec  Yellow


JL Mayra

A  Informal Dec  Variegated  Yellow/red 
New release


Louie Meggos

A  Informal Dec  White


Maisey Mooney

A  Formal Dec  White



AA  Informal Dec  Variegated  Pink/red



AA  Informal  Dec  Variegated  Orange/red


Mayor Frank Otis

AA  Informal Dec       Bronze  1936


Mingus Gregory

A  Incurved Cactus  Lavender/white


Mingus Nicole

A  Informal Dec  Pink/yellow


Mom’s Special

A  Informal Dec  Var  White/lavender


Mona Lisa

A  Semi Cactus  Lavender/white


Mr. Moore

A  Semi Cactus  Variegated  Lavender/red


Ms. Megan

A  Laciniate  Dark red


Narrows Aaron

A  Semi Cactus  Yellow  Intro 2011


Nick Sr.

AA Informal Dec  Red  WOW –
just too impressive for words!


Penhill Cream Giant

AA  Informal Dec  White


Penhill Watermelon

AA  Informal Dec  Pink/yellow


Pink Jupiter

A Semi-cactus  Pink/dark pink


Rees’ Variegated

A  Informal Dec  Variegated  Yellow/red


Sandia Tiger

A  Semi Cactus  Variegated  Orange/red


Sarah Mae

A  Incurved Cactus  Dark pink


Shiloh Noelle

AA  Informal Dec  White/lavender


Show & Tell

A  Laciniated  Red/Yellow


Sierra Glow

A  Informal Dec          Bronze


Sir Alf Ramsey

AA  Informal Dec Lavender/white


Snoho Storm

A  Incurved Cactus  White


Steve Meggos

A  Informal Dec  Orange


Tioga Lovesong

A  Laciniate  Pink


Tyler James

A  Informal Dec  Flame



A  Informal Dec  Red/white


Vassio Meggos

A  Informal Dec  Lavender


Vera Seyfang

AA  Formal Dec  Lavender


Vera’s Elma

A  Informal Dec  Lavender


Walter Hardisty

AA  Informal Dec  White


Wanda’s Aurora

AA  Informal Dec  Pink/yellow


Wanda’s Capella

AA  Informal Dec  Yellow  $4.00


Wanda’s Moonlight

AA Informal Dec  Yellow  $4.00


Winkie Carnival

AA  Informal Dec  Variegated  White/red  $7.00


Winkie Colonel

AA  Informal Dec  Red


Wyn’s Bewitched

A  Semi Cactus  Purple  $6.00


Wyn’s Cinnabar

AA  Semi Cactus  Red


Wyn’s Delta Frank

AA  Semi Cactus  Orange


Wyn’s King Salmon

AA  Semi Cactus  Orange  $4.00


Wyn’s Pure Magic

A  Informal Dec  Purple/white  $4.00


Wyn’s Tuscan Sun

A  Laciniate  Yellow  $6.00




M through B size varieties

Not included in the Elimination or Super Sale.

Priced as $4.00 each with a few exceptions as noted.



BB  Semi Cactus  Orange 


AC Devin

Ball  White/purple


AC Golden Nickels

Stellar  Yellow 


AC Hottie

Stellar  Dark pink


AC Rooster

Stellar  Red


Aitara Rufus

B  Semi Cactus  Red



Novelty  Red 


Alfred Grille

B  Incurved Cactus  Yellow/pink


Alice May

B  Laciniate  Yellow/pink



Stellar   Bi Red/white


Bert Pitt

B  Informal Dec  Dark red/white 


BJ’s Hilde

BB  Incurved Cactus  Variegated  Yellow/red


BJ’s Splash

B  Informal Dec  Variegated  Yellow/pink/red 


Bloom’s Kehala

Waterlily  Red


Bracken Lorelei

Waterlily  Yellow/pink


Buck’s Waterlily

Waterlily  Pink  New to us this year and we just loved it


Camano Thunder

BB  Incurved Cactus  Purple



Waterlily  Yellow  The first Waterlily I ever grew and still one of my all-time favorites


Carol Berry Milgard

B  Lacinate  Pink/yellow


Charlie Dimmock

Waterlily  Orange



BB  Laciniated  Flame


Chimacum Sam

Stellar   Bronze  Good form and color


Clifton Jordi

BB  Formal Dec  White/dark pink  Absolutely fell in love
with this one with the first bloom 


Colwood Hope

B  Laciniate  White


Colwood Scheri

B  Laciniate  Variegated  Yellow/red



Mini  Red  One of my favorite Anemones, heavy substance


Crazy 4 Jessie

BB  Incurved Cactus  Dark red/yellow


Creekside Volcano

B  Lacinate  Flame



B  Formal Dec  Bi  Dark red/white  An old favorite


Ebony Star

Novelty Open  Dark red  Dark as dark can be



Mini  Dark pink/yellow/dark pink  Fluorescent pinks


Glory Daze

Stellar  Yellow/orange



Ball  Variegated  Yellow/red 


Hollyhill Bewitched

BB  Informal Dec  Variegated  White/purple


Hollyhill Cotton Candy

B  Incurved Cactus  Dark pink  Impressive Incurve form for us


Hy Vanessa

BB  Informal Dec  Yellow/bronze/red  Prettiest blooms



B Novelty  Variegated Yellow/Orange/Red 
Makes a terrific bouquet with Miss Scarlett


Japanese Waterlily

Waterlily  Red  Exotic look for a Waterlily


Kari Blue

Waterlily  Lavender



B  Informal Dec            Bi  Yellow/white


Koko Puff 

Pom  Lavender  Lavender with a touch of that Koko Puff cereal color


Maria K. Meggos

B  Cactus  Orange  Lovely shade of orange from Steve Meggos 


Master David

Mini Ball  Flame


Miss Scarlett

Novelty Double  Dark red  Amazing twisty petals


Ms Scarlett

Mini Ball  Red  New and attractive from the Boleys


Ms. Bubbles

Stellar   Bi  Pink/white  Even petal coloration 


Ms. Kennedy

Mini Ball  Orange


My Beverly

B  Laciniate  Dark pink/yellow



Stellar  Variegated  Orange/red


Night Train

B  Semi Cactus  Purple  One of the nicest purples


NTAC Eileen

Collarette  Pink/yellow/orange  Gorgeous colors, beautiful form


NTAC Solar Flare

Collarette  Flame/yellow  Wow – what a flower!


Painted Madam

B  Formal Dec  Variegated  Yellow/dark red  Jam-packed with petals


Pam Howden

Waterlily  Yellow/orange/dark pink  Perfectly beautiful



M  Formal Dec  Orange/white  Delicious to look at.


Pinelands Flame

B  Laciniate  Flame


Pinelands Prickles

B  Laciniate  Purple  One of my very favorite Laciniates


Pinelands Princess

B  Laciniate  Lav/white


Pink Bubblegum

BB  Incurved Cactus  Dark pink


Pink Pet

Stellar  Dark pink


Pink Robin Hood

Ball  Dark pink


Pink RV

Ball  Variegated  Dark pink/dark red 



Pom  Orange  Perfect form in a nice orange


Raspberry Punch

Stellar  Dark Pink  Very pretty


RedHawk Buckskin

M  Formal Dec Bronze  Reminds me of Suncrest


RedHawk Butterlicious

Stellar  Yellow  Our own buttery yellow release


RedHawk Deep Purple

Stellar  Purple  Our wine purple Stellar



B  Laciniate  Flame


Rock Star

Mini  Dark red


Ruskin Andrea

B  Semi Cactus  Lavender


Sandia Rose

Waterlily  Pink


Sandia Serenity

Waterlily  Yellow


Skipley Lois Jean

Ball  Dark pink  New release – 2013,  in a very pretty pink 


Snoho Les

Ball  Variegated  Lavender/purple  Still a personal favorite


Snoho Sonia

Ball  Lavender  Great in combination with Snoho Les


Teesbrooke Redeye

Collarette  Lavender/lavender  Unusual dark red center



BB  Informal Dec  Dark pink/yellow


Valley Porcupine

Novelty Double  White/pink  Truly unique in lovely colors


Woodland’s Merinda

Stellar  Purple  Pretty purple with good form


Wyn’s Solaris

B  Informal Dec  Yellow  Very limited 




Super Sale Section
These tubers are priced at $3.50 each.
Some are in short supply.


AC Candy

BB  Formal Dec Variegated  Pink/dark red 


AC Chicken Ranch

B   Laciniate  Yellow 


AC Fancy

BB  Formal Dec Bi  Red/white 


AC Kahuna 

A  Informal Dec  Purple 


AC Rosebud

BB  Informal Dec  Red/yellow  Unusual and attractive. 


Ace of Hearts

Collarette  Pink/pink  Dwarf  Cutie patootie! 


Ad Lib

AA  Cactus  Var Pink/red 


African Queen

Single  Orange/red/yellow  DARK foliage  Dramatic color combination 


Alberta Sunset

Stellar  Flame 


Alfa Socorro

BB  Incurved Cactus  Variegated  Red/pink/yellow 


Alloway Candy

Stellar  Pink/white 


Alpen Cherub

Collarette  White/white 


Alpen Diamond

Collarette  Lavender/white  


Alpen Fury

Mini  Red/flame/yellow/red 


Alpen Matthew 

Single  Lavender/pink/dark red 


Alpen Pearl

Mini  White/Yellow 


Amber Queen

Pom Bronze 


American Beauty

B   Informal Dec  Red 


American Dream

A  Informal Dec  Var Pink/dark red 


Apopa Cindy

Collarette  Purple/white/purple  Recent intro, nice form and color 


Apple Blossom

Collarette  Yellow/pink/pink  My first Collarette and still a favorite 


Baby Yellow

Mignon Single    Yellow  Ht 10”  Cute and a great container plant. 


Barbarry Atlantean

Ball  Lavender 



 Single Bi  Purple/lavender  I love this color combination 


Betty Anne

Pom  Pink 


Big Orange

A  Informal Dec  Orange 


Bishop of Llandaff

Peony    Dark red  Dark foliage 


BJ’s Gunnar

Mignon Single    Dark Pink  Ht 10”  Great in a planter. 


BJ’s Izzy

A  Informal Dec  Lavender 


BJ’s Reina

Mignon Single    Lavender  Ht 10”  Tiny blooms. 


BJ’s Rival

Mini Bronze/yellow  Australia 2011 


Black Narcissus

B   Laciniate  Dark Red 


Black Satin

BB  Formal Dec  Dark red 


Bloomquist Sweet

Collarette  Dark pink/purple  Fragrant 


Blue Bayou

Mini  Lavender 


Blue Peter

A  Incurve Cactus  Salmon/lavender reverse  Netherlands 



BB  Formal Dec  Lavender  Dwarf  Wonderful in a border. 


Blyton Softer Gleam

B all  Orange/yellow Beautiful color 



B   Incurved Cactus  Lavender 



Mini Ball  White 


Bradley Aaron

B   Formal Dec  Purple/white  Terrific color combo 


Brenda Sue

Peony    Orange  Ht 2’  Good as a border plant 



Waterlily  White  Lovely clean white – great in bouquets 


Bumble Rumble

Collarette  Dark pink/white 



Collarette  Red/yellow Bright colors, nice bloom 



BB  Formal Dec  Variegated  Pink/dark red  I love this one, blooms its head off. 


Camano Sitka

B   Cactus  Orange/yellow  Probably my favorite Cactus 


Carmen Alexandra

BB  Semi Cactus  Yellow/orange  Pretty bloom 


Carmen Bunky

Waterlily  Dark pink 



BB  Cactus  Variegated  Pink/dark red 



Pom  Variegated  Red/purple 


Chilson’s Pride

BB  Informal Dec  LB  White/pink 


Chimacum Davi

Mini Ball  Pink 


Chimacum Troy

Mini Ball  Purple 


Chimacum Zyair

Mini Ball  Purple 


Christine Mandy

B   Semi Cactus  Variegated  Yellow/red 


Citron du Cap

B   Laciniate  Yellow 


Clint’s Climax

A  Formal Dec  Lavender 


Clint’s Climax

A  Formal Dec  Lavender 



B   Cactus  Yellow/bronze 


Colorado Classic

BB  Informal Dec  Dark pink/white  Pretty, pretty bloom 


Crichton Cherry

Mini Ball  Red  Realy cherry colored 


Crichton Honey

Ball Bronze 


Croydon Masterpiece

AA Informal Dec Bronze 


Dad’s Favorite

Mini  Lavender/purple/yellow 


Daddy’s Girlie

M  Formal Dec  Purple  What a cutie 



B   Incurved Cactus  Orange 


Daisy’s Child

Mignon Single    Orange/yellow  Ht 18”  Love the colors 


Dandie Toots

Collarette  Red/red 


Dark Magic

BB  Informal Dec  Purple/lavender  Great in bouquets, try it with Bride-To-Be 


Deep South

B all  Purple 


Diamond Rebel

BB  Semi Cactus  Pink 


Don C

M  Cactus  White  Nice border dahlia 


Don Hill

Collarette  Purple/Red  New for us this year – bloomed like crazy. 


Doris G.

B   Laciniate  Yellow/pink 


Dorothy R

Mini Ball  White  Nice form, clean white 


Dr. Gary E. Goodman

B all  Red/yellow  Produces a larger bloom for us 


Edna C

B   Formal Dec  Yellow 



Pom  Purple/white 



Peony    Dark pink 


Fairfield Frost

Collarette  White/white 


Fascination II

Collarette  Lavender 


Ferncliff Copper



Ferncliff Illusion

B   Informal Dec  White/lavender 



Single  Variegated  Yellow/red  Liberally splashed – variegate lover’s dream 


Fleurieu Rojo

BB  Incurved Cactus  Red  Flashy as a flamenco dancer 


Frank Holmes

Pom  Lavender 


Fuzzy Wuzzy

M  Formal Dec  Pink/white 


G & G Lauren

Single  Lavender/purple  Prettiest color combination with great stems 



Collarette  Orange/pink  Ht 2’  Great in a border, covers itself in blooms 


Gitt’s Attention

BB  Formal Dec  White 


Glen Echo

M  Formal Dec  Purple 



Pom  Purple 



B   Formal Dec  Variegated  Yellow/red 


Hamari Rose

B all  Pink  My favorite medium pink Ball 


Harvest Moonlight

A  Informal Dec  Yellow 


Hollyhill  6-in-1 Red

BB  Semi Cactus  Red 


Hollyhill 6-in-1

BB  Semi Cactus  Var  Yellow/red/white  One of my favorite variegates 


Hollyhill Black Widow

Waterlily  Dark red 


Hollyhill Gloria

Stellar  Lavender/yellow 



Novelty  White  Just love this one 



Mini  Red/orange  Outer petals burnt red, tipped soft org, center dark burnt red  Truly different coloring 


Hy Mallow

Ball  Purple 


Hy Zizzle 

Novelty  Pink/dark pink/yellow 


I’m A Hottie

B   Informal Dec  Dark pink 



Mignon Single   Orange 


Irish Imp

Pom  Lavender 


Irish Miss

Pom  Purple/white 


Irish Speckles

Pom  Variegated  Pink/purple  One of my favorite Poms 



B all  Purple  Nice purple 



Collarette  Orange/yellow 


Jacs Baby Jax

Mignon Single  Dark pink 


Jacs Cloverleaf

Mignon Single Bronze 


Jacs Erin

Peony    Red 


Jacs Faith

Collarette  White/lavender  Pretty pastel


Jacs Kyle

Peony  White Better form than Miss Muffit 


Jacs Sashay

Collarette  Purple/red/white 



M  Formal Dec Bi  Red/white 


Jan’s Delight

B   Informal Dec  Lavender/white 



Collarette  Pink/pink/white  My favorite pink Collarette 


Joshua Juul

Single  White/purple 


JS Lemon

BB  Formal Dec  Yellow  USA 2011 



B   Cactus  Dark red 


Just Peachy

BB  Semi Cactus  Pink/yellow 


Karma Bon Bini

BB  Semi Cactus  Flame 


Karma Lagoon

BB Formal Dec  Purple  Very pretty and Waterlily-like 



BB  Lacinate  White  Intro 11 


Kelsey Amethyst

Mignon Single  Purple 


Kelsey Sunshine

Collarette  Yellow/yellow 


Kidd’s Climax

A  Formal Dec  Pink/Yellow  Old favorite 


Kim Marie

B   Laciniate  Red  Lovely red 


Korb Yellow Hy-Lyte

BB  Formal Dec Bi  Yellow/white 



B all  White  My favorite white Ball hands down. 


Lady Darlene

B   Formal Dec  Red/yellow 


Lady Lael

Waterlily  Yellow 


Lakeview Curley

B   Laciniate  Dark pink/yellow 


Lakeview Glow

BB  Incurved Cactus  Yellow 


Lakeview Peach Fuzz 

Novelty  Pink/yellow 


Leota Mace

Waterlily  Dark pink 


Lilac Mist

BB  Semi Cactus  White/lavender 


Lismore Peggy

Pom  Pink 


Little Beeswings

Pom  Flame  circa 1909 


Little Missy

B   Semi Cactus  Dark pink  Simply covered with blooms. 



Mignon Single  Pink/white (Ht 2’)  Pretty color combo and a wonderful border plant 


Lucky Ducky

Mini  Yellow/yellow 


Lulu Island Mom

Single  White  Possibly the most perfectly formed Single dahlia 


Man’s Red Baron

Stellar  Dark Red 


Marie Schnugg

Orchid  Red 


Marvelous Mel

B   Laciniate  Pink/white 



B   Formal Dec  Lavender/white 


Mary’s Jomanda

B all  Dark pink  Still a winner 


Mas Cory

M  Formal Dec  Orange  From the Czech Republic 


Mas Michal

BB  Laciniate  Lavender  (CZ 2007) 



BB  Semi Cactus  Dark pink/yellow 


Melqua Nebula

Mini  Orange/orange 



Mini  Purple 


Midnight Star

Orchid  Dark red 


Mike’s Frills

B   Laciniate  Dark pink 


Mingus Arthur K

B  Laciniate  White 


Mingus Michael A

B   Informal Dec  Variegated  White/purple  Really lovely blooms 


Mingus Toni

BB  Informal Dec  Variegated Pink/red 


Mingus Trish

B  Laciniate  Pink/yellow 


Miss Rose Fletcher

BB  Semi Cactus  Pink/white  Palest shell pink flowers 


Misty Changeling

M  Formal Dec Bi  Red/white 



BB  Formal Dec  Var  Dark pink/purple  1961 


Ms Prissy

Stellar  Red 


Ms Zelda

Ball  Variegated  White/purple 


Narrows Kirsten

Ball  Dark pink 


Narrows Pam

Ball  Lavender 


Narrows Tricia

B  Semi Cactus  Yellow 


Natalie’s Star

Orchid  White/lavender  light lavender stripes on petal backs 



Mini Ball  Yellow 


Northfield Sparkler

Orchid  Dark red/yellow 


Northwest Ruby

Peony    Red  Ht 18” – 20”  Good form and holds its color 


October Sky

BB  Informal Dec  Orange/yellow 



Mini Ball  Lavender/white 


Orange Slice

Collarette  Orange/yellow 


Oreti Candy

Stellar  White  with a tinge of pink 


Otto’s Thrill

A  Informal Dec  Lavender 


Parkland Savoy

Mini  Yellow/yellow 


Paso Doble

Mini  White/yellow 


Patricia Ann’s Sunset

Waterlily  Flame 


Paul Smith

Ball  Dark Red  My favorite dark red Ball of all time 


Pink Gingham 

Waterlily Bi  Pink/white 



Collarette  Red/pink  A cutie and short enough for a nice border plant 


Platinum Blonde

Mini  White/white/yellow 



Collarette  Orange/yellow 



B  Laciniate  Yellow 



Anemone Mini Bronze 


Puff N Stuff

Mini  Lavender 


Purple Mist

BB  Cactus Bi  Purple/white 


Rae Ann’s Fun

Single  Variegated  White/red 


RaeAnn’s Peach

Single  Red/orange  Neat color combo 


RaeAnn’s Teachers

Orchid  Variegated  White/purple 



Single  Yellow  Certainly brightens the garden 


Raspberry Royale

B  Semi Cactus  Dark pink  Covered in blooms 


Raz Ma Taz

M  Formal Dec  Red/yellow 


Rebecca Lynn

M  Formal Dec  Dark pink 



Mignon Single  Red  10” Great color spot in a container or the border


RedHawk Hellzapoppin

BB  Semi Cactus  Red  Named for a great rodeo circuit bucking mare 


RedHawk Hope

Waterlily  Lavender  Lovely lavender with wiry stems,
named for one of our rescue horses 


Regal Boy

Ball  Purple 



AA  Informal Dec  Dark red 



BB  Formal Dec Bi  Red/white 


Rock Run Ashley

M  Formal Dec  Pink  Has an undertone of creamy yellow within the petals 


Rokewood Opal

BB  Cactus  Lavender  Paler lavender blooms 



Peony    Dark pink  Dark foliage Lovely foliage and bloom contrast 


Ryecroft Laura

Mini Ball  Yellow 


Scott’s  Jeanette B

BB  Cactus  Purple  Pretty purple, goes well with Rokewood Opal 



Ball Bi  Purple/white 


Shea’s Rainbow

BB  Incurved Cactus  Variegated  Pink/yellow/red 


Showcase Perfection

B  Informal Dec  Orange  Very nice orange 


Skipley Claudia J

B  Incurved Cactus  Flame 


Skipley Grande

A  Semi Cactus  Dark pink/yellow 



Orchid  White  Orchid-type perfection in a clean white 


Snoho Doris

Ball  Red/bronze 



A  Informal Dec  White 



B  Semi Cactus  White/purple 



Orchid  Orange/orange/yellow  Cute little Orchid 


StillWater Krista

B  Informal Dec  Yellow/pink  Still really like this bloom 


Stoneleigh Cherry

Pom  Dark red  Yummy cherry colored Poms 


Strawberry Ice

A  Semi Cactus  Pink/yellow/white 


Summit Festival 

Waterlily Bi Orange/white  One of my favorite Bicolors 



BB  FD  Yellow  Paler creamy yellow, almost Waterlily in form – pretty in bouquets, floriferous 


Swan’s Olympic Flame

B  Formal Dec  Flame 


Tahoma Amy

Ball  Pink 


Tahoma Kerry

Ball  Dark pink 


Tahoma Lael

Mini Ball  Yellow  Very bright yellow – a personal favorite Mini Ball 


Tahoma Moonshot

Orchid  Dark pink/yellow 


Tahoma Twinkle Toes

Stellar  White/pink 



A  Informal Dec  Variegated  White/purple 



BB  Cactus Bi  White/purple  Love this color combination 


Thomas A. Edison

B  Formal Dec  Purple  My favorite true purple of all time 



Orchid  Orange/bronze 


Tioga Maiden

B  Laciniate  Dark pink/purple Beautiful form and wonderful colors


Topmix Violetta

Mignon Single  Purple  Ht 10”  What a cutie 


Trelyn Rhianon

B  Cactus  Yellow/red Beautiful colors 



AA  Informal Dec  Yellow  Large lovely yellow



BB  Formal Dec  White/lavender 



BB  Laciniated  Dark red  Does look like a sea urchin 


Valley Rustbucket

Mini ball Bronze 


Verrone’s  Pink Giraffe

Orchid  PINK  With Giraffe’s signature striping on the back 


Verrone’s DF

Stellar  Pink Beautiful, no doubt about it 


Verrone’s Morning Star  Novelty 

Novelty Open  White  Cool looking


Verrone’s Obsidian

Orchid  Purple  Not quite black but truly very dark 


Verrone’s Sandra J

BB  Formal Dec  Orange  Really pretty bloom, one I cherish 


Vista Minnie 

Novelty double  Purple/yellow  Cute novelty, lots of blooms  



Mini  Orange/lavender/yellow 


Weston Spanish Dancer

BB  Cactus  Flame 


White Nettie

Mini Ball  White 


Wildwood Marie

Waterlily  Dark Pink  Still one of the most beautiful in my eyes 


Will’s Ringwood Rosie

Pom  Dark blend  Dark pink/white  White is more creamy 


Willie Willie

Orchid  Lavender/white/lavender 



Collarette  Red/white  A real stand-out 


Wyoming Wedding

BB  Informal Dec  Dark pink  Really pretty 


Yellow Baby

Pom  Yellow  And oldie that keeps on producing great flowers 


Yellow Corvette

M  Incurved Cactus  Yellow  On the shorter side but a nice Incurve 




Elimination List
This is the end of the line for these varieties.
I will not be offering them again.
These tubers are priced at $2.50 each.

Some are in very short supply.


AC David

A  Informal Dec  Dark red 

AC Paint

A  Informal Dec Variegated  White/dark red 

Almand Joy

A  Formal Dec  White/lavender 

Alpen Bob

A  Informal Dec  Variegated  Lavender/purple 

Arabian Night

M  Formal Dec  Dark red 

Audrey Grace

BB  Formal Dec  Red 

Bloomquist Dawn

BB  Semi Cactus  Dark pink/yellow 

Brookside Cheri

BB  Cactus  Dark pink 

Chimacum Katie

BB  Formal Dec  Lavender 

Dandie Alexa

B  Semi Cactus  Lavender 

Delta Red

Single  Red 


BB  Semi Cactus  Purple 

Frizzy Lizzy

BB  Informal Dec  Purple 

Hana Hitosuji

AA  Cactus  Pink/white 

Hart’s Lora Ann

BB  Formal Dec  Dark red 


Orchid  Yellow 

Jessie G

Ball  Purple 

Junkyard Dog

Novelty Open  Dark red/white 

Kathy’s Choice

M  Cactus  Yellow 

Moulan Rouge

BB  Informal Dec  Dark red 

Narrows AJ

M  Formal Dec  Dark red  Intro 2012 

Paradise City

BB  Semi Cactus  Lavender-pink/white 

Parkland Halo

Single  Purple 

Parkland Tribute

BB  Formal Dec  Dark pink 

Purple Haze

Mini  Purple 


Mignon Single  Red  Nice in a container with
Baby Yellow  Low supply 

Rose Toscano

M  Formal Dec  Orange 

Ruthie G

Waterlily  Yellow/pink 

Ryecroft Dave’s Choice

M  Formal Dec  White/lavender blush 

Sandia Echo

BB  Semi Cactus  Pink /yellow 

Sean C

Collarette  Purple/white/purple 

Stephanie H

Mini Ball  Yellow  Very low supply 

Sweet Dreams

B  Semi Cactus  Pink 


Orchid  Red/white