2009 Catalog                                                                                 2009 Catalog
Camano Dahlias
2221 Harnden Loop
Camano Island, WA 98282

email: ambrosed@earthlink.net

NEW  for 2009 


CAMANO CONCORD  B(medium)  IC(incurved cactus)  Purple. Dudley
medal.  Easy growing and prolific bloomer.  Limited stock......................     


CAMANO AUTUMN B(medium)  ID(informal decorative)  Light Blend
Orange/Yellow.  Limited stock........................................................
...........     $15.00


CAMANO ZOE  MB(miniature ball)  Pink.  Delicate pastelle beauty.
Pronounced  Zo ee.......................................................................
..............    $12.00


A few others.  Most in short supply.

Camano Bram

A  FD Light Blend Orange/ Yellow.


Camano Buz

Min FD Orange..


Camano Cloud

BB SC Pink  Our first introduction back in 78..


Camano Electra

BB  C  Purple...


Camano Grace

B C Light Blend White/Lavender.


Camano Honey

B ID Bronze..


Camano Nimbus

A  ID Red...


Camano Pet

Stellar LB Orange/Yellow.  A standard for this type.


Camano Phantom

BB FD Purple...


Camano Prospero

A  IC Light Blend Yellow/Lavender.


Camano Puff

BB laciniated LB  Pink/White..


Camano Roo

BB FD Dark Pink.  2007 introduction.


Camano Rascal

B IC Bicolor  Red/White..


Camano Sitka

A/B  IC  DB/LB Bronze/Yellow  ..


Camano Susan

BB SC Orange..


Camano Thunder

BB  IC  Purple..


Camano X-Man

Ball Red  2008 introduction.


Colwood Anne

BB Laciniated Yellow...



BB SC Yellow(ADS) Bronze in NW.


Island Ritz

BB FD Dark Pink.  Excellent when shaded.


Kelgai Ann

WL LB Pink/White..


Kenora Jubilee

A SC White.  One of the best Kenora dahlias..


KenÆs Choice

Ball Dark Red...


Pink Pet

Stellar Dark Pink ...


Snoho Doris

BA  DB  Red/Bronze..


Vista Lindsey

BB Laciniated Yellow..





Order Information


NO ORDERS ACCEPTED AFTER MARCH 15.   On March 15 we donate our excess tubers to our local north Puget Sound dahlia societies for their fund raising efforts.


TERMS: Please send check or money order with your order.  We are not set up to take credit cards.


TAX: WASHINGTON residents.  Add sales tax to TOTAL amount of order including shipping and handling charges. The rate to use is your local rate.  Washington’s new destination based tax system is the main reason that this will be our last list.  For a small mail order operation the paperwork and new accounting make it impractical to sell in state.  If we have new introductions of interest in the future they will be sold to those outside Washington state only.


FOREIGN ORDERS:  If shipped April 1 add $20.00 for shipping and inspection fees.  For shipping any other time add $25.00.  Orders sent to Canada can not be guaranteed because of customs and postal delays.


U.S.ORDERS:   On tuber orders to be shipped before April  please add $12.00 shipping and handling charge.  For orders shipped from April 1 on just add $7.00 shipping and handling charge.   We ship by US Postal Service, priority mail, on Mondays only.  Please specify which Monday  you want your tubers shipped.  If you do not specify we will ship in April.  If weather is severe in your area we will hold until it breaks.   Recent postal increases put our cost for packages at $7.00 to $25.00 for postage and materials. 


GUARANTEE:  We guarantee tubers to be correctly named, healthy, and ready to plant.  If you are not satisfied, please contact us by October 1 of the year purchased for your choice of refund, credit or replacement.  We know that things happen.  Sometimes a tuber will rot or a variety that has always appeared healthy will show disease.  It is important to us that our customers are satisfied.  Let us know the problems and we will try to fix them.


Susan and I thank all our customers and friends for your support through the years.



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